A word that is used more and more often not only in the garden but around the home too.

We strive to continually implement clever ways to teach gardeners how to reduce water consumption and reuse water which you would normally waste

Ways to save water in your garden:

  • Use mulch in your beds like wood chips, bark chips, fallen leaves, pebbles or gravel
  • Work in vermucilite, perlite , coco peat ,compost or Stockosorb in your soil when planting. All these products help to keep your soil moist for longer.
  • Water early in the mornings or late afternoon to reduce evaporation.
  • Reduce your lawn size or install artificial grass or pavers in certain areas
  • Check connections and pipes daily for leaks or lose joins
  • Divide your garden into zones for example all plants that need water weekly should be planted in an area and the not so thirsty plants in the hot dry areas.
  • Plant more water wise plants like indigenous or aloes
  • Plant more trees – this will cool down you home tremendously thereby reducing water loss
  • Use bath water to water your pot plants

Awarded Garden Centre of Excellence 2022

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We are so proud to announce that Greener Tidings was awarded the BEST GARDEN CENTRE IN SA!

We were also awarded with the following:
-       1st place – Best Inspirational Displays
-       2nd place – Best Food gardening department
-       3rd place – Best staff
-       Best Retailer in Limpopo

Our team is super excited and we would like to thank you, our loyal gardeners for all your support during the year!

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