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Good day Gardeners

It has been such a busy time of year for us, you may have realized we skipped the February gardening News...OOPS!
Apologies to those of you who were expecting it last month!
We have decided to send you quarterly seasonal news instead! And then to keep you updated on happenings in and around the garden, you will have to follow our Face book page, which Margery and Paulene are so good at posting on!

Autumn gardening.......

March is the time to plant new additions in your garden or to transplant plants that are in the wrong place (technically a weed then).
You can keep an eye out for winter bulbs to plant now for example  daffodils, anemones, watsonia,
ranunculus and dutch irises. Before planting work in loads of compost into your soil and apply a generous handful of Bonemeal or Superphosphate.
Make sure you keep them well watered after planting and give them regular feeds of Bulb Food once a month.


You may have noticed some trees starting to turn into bright autumn colours and leaves may start to fall any day now!
Don’t throw your autumn leaves away after raking them up, they make a great addition to your compost bin .
It is now a good time to re-mulch your garden or if you have not mulched yet , get cracking!
Mulch not only keep you plants roots moist for longer but  also insulates and acts as a blanket to keep the soil temperature a bit higher thereby stimulating root develop, even throughout winter.


It is the ideal time to sow sweet peas, African daisies ,California poppies ,poppies, violas to name a few.Choose a nice sunny spot in the garden or in pots and containers and remember to keep the newly sown seeds damp for the first few days.


If you are deciding to revamp your veggie garden, work in a healthy amount of compost (don’t worry you can never overdo it).
We often use our very own ‘soil mix’ in the veggie garden – a mix of topsoil, sand, compost and superphosphate.
The following veggies can be sown now : Peas, radish, turnips, cabbage,lettuce,cauliflower,broccoli,broadbeans,spinach,kale,mustard,carrots,beetroot and leeks. For some colour you can plant violas, pansies or edible ornamental Kale.
Once planted, apply BioOcean at a rate of 80g per sq/meter and water well.
Apply a drench or spray of Ludwigs Organic Insecticide every 2nd week to keep the pests at bay and keep feeding monthly with Bioganic/ Multikelp or Seagro.


As plant growth starts to slow down with the cooler weather you can still fertilize until the end of April using fertilizer rich in potassium(K ) as it will strengthen the plant. You can give the garden a general feeding of 2:3:2 and we recommend you feed your lawn with 8:1:5 to keep it green and strong for the winter to come.

If some of your summer herbs need replacing, think of drying some before pulling them out. Simply cut a piece of stem off and hang them upside down to dry in an airy and dry space. Herbs that can be harvested this way include rosemary, sage ,thyme , parsley, basil ,oregano ,tarragon ,lemon balm, basil and the mints.

Herbs that can planted now include parsley, sage ,rosemary ,thyme ,chives ,lavender and mint to name a few.

Don’t forget to cover your tender plants with frost guard, especially those of you who live in colder areas.

With the cooler weather settling in the bugs in your garden will give you a bit of a rest. But still keep an eye out for them and spray with a suitable insecticide.

Well that’s all from us. Have a safe and Happy Easter!

Happy Autumn Gardening!