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Plectranthus Mona Lavender
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Good day Greener Tidings Gardeners,

BBBBRRRRR!!! What a chilly month this has been, winter has come with a vengeance! Well even though some of our gardening enthusiasts detest the cold winters, the colder the winter the better the spring and summer season. The cold gets rid of all our unwanted pests and diseases, our winter bulbs flower better and we just enjoy Spring so much more when it arrives after a cold winter.

July Checklist:

- Ensure all your pruning shears are well oiled and sharpened for the pruning season at the end of July
- Make sure all your standard roses, newly planted trees and Lollipop topiaries are properly staked for the August winds
- Those plants which have been frosted already should be left till the beginning of August, please don’t cut them back yet. If we get another bad cold spell, all those new little succulent shoots will be frosted back again.
- Work in loads of Compost into your beds

- Start feeding the garden at the end of July, garden beds with 6:1:5, seedlings with Vigorosa, Bulbs with Multisol 3:1:6, potplants with Multikelp and your Herb/Veggie garden with Seagro/Multikelp
- Keep dead heading your Osteospermums, Geraniums and winter colour
- Don’t feed lawns just yet, or Lawndress for that matter, hold out until the end of the month
- Our bulk Lawndressing is on it’s way, please send us your bookings for deliveries to:
- Keep your frost cover on for July, remove it in August
- Plan your rose pruning for end of July (we will send a reminder of how to...... at the end of July)
- Keep your watering times to early mornings
- Give your Azaleas/Camellias and Gardenias another dose of Acid food and a generous mulching of Acid compost, they are all budding now and you will be rewarded with a stunning colourful show pretty soon.
- Cut back overgrown butterfly bushes – try do this at least twice a year to keep them bushy and full of flowers

Keep a look out for:

- Cancer on aloes – very common this time of year.
Remove all infected growth using a sharp knife and spray with Kombat Aphids/Karbacure/Milbeknock

- Aphids on newly planted veggies – Spray or drench with Ludwigs insect spray


- Wooly aphid on citrus – only effective product to use is Koinor, this is however systemic so please remember to pick off any ripe fruit before spraying.Fortunately you only need to spray Koinor twice a year. Organic method is to wipe all the leaves down with Oleum which is a mineral oil.


- White scale on aloes – spray with a combination of Malasol & Oleum, this is not a fungus but a living scale. After 2-3 days they will be dried up
 but with not fall off straight away. It will take a few weeks for them to fall off, you can wipe/brush them off if you like.



Remember Mandela day on the 18th of July

Do something kind this month:
- Make time for stories – whether to old or young
- Donate blood
- Take all your old baby clothes and toys to an orphanage
- Take time to visit an old age home, take them soup or some books to read, even better read to them
- Pick up 67 pieces of litter
- Give a blanket to a homeless person
- Plant up a veggie garden for someone who needs one

Happy July Gardening........Spring is on it’s way, SO SO exciting!!